Our Services

At RPA, we offer a wide variety of services including:

Our clients understand the importance of a comprehensive technical review of all the structural aspects of a project. They have come to expect the highly professional and detailed level of expertise we consistently deliver.

We work hand-in-hand with building owners, developers, attorneys, architects, construction managers, builders, and civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers to ensure that all parts of your structure are safe and capable of performing their intended function. This collaboration also ensures that the structures use the appropriate materials efficiently and effectively.

Our practice includes analysis, investigation and assessment of a wide-range of structures. This analysis is the process of determining the structural behavior of forces in each element of a structure (such as a beam) when the configuration of the elements is already defined. We believe that long-term structural performance is dependent upon a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of each component of that structure. Our practice is dedicated to that approach..

We look forward to learning about your upcoming project.